Error in Built-in-EndPoint monitor in VS code "At least one receiver for the endpoint is created with epoch "

Shivakumar Ayla 1 Reputation point

I'm unable to View Monitor the built-in End Point froms VS code, though I have tried multiple Solutions that apperared in Stack Overflow and other relevant links, It still says the same error

"At least one receiver for the endpoint is created with epoch of '13055', and so non-epoch receiver is not allowed."

Is there any Document From Microsoft Related to create a new consumer group and Monitor the Endpoint of the same from VS code and Powershell.


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  1. Sander van de Velde | MVP 31,116 Reputation points MVP

    Hello @Shivakumar Ayla ,

    you are using the IoT Hub 'eventhub compatible output' to listen to events.

    It seems you are reusing the same consumer group (probably $default) multiple times.

    Now multiple 'consumers' are trying to read the same message instead of a copy for every consumer. This can result in errors.

    Please add an extra consumer group and consume messages with separate consumer groups. I prefer to NOT use $default so I know the explicit consumers.

    Here you see I have added multiple consumer groups using the Azure portal:


    It can also be added using the AZ CLI command:

    az iot hub consumer-group create --hub-name MyIotHub --name cg1  


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