dataset schema not showing correctly for .json file

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I am trying to load a .json file which has alot of different arrays...
but when I try to create a dataset, in the schema, I do not see all the quantities array items
it only shows me
For example the file is like this:

"dv": "54344",
"book": "hhgg",
"movements": [
"name": "someName",
"state": "completed",
"quantities": [
"planned": "45445",
"uom": "xxx",
"moisture": "55656.99"
"actual": "5656.99",
"uom": "yyy",
"moisture": "3434"
"planned": "23424",
"uom": "ooo",
"moisture": "22323"
"actual": "678678678",
"uom": "dfd",
"moisture": "876867"
"gross": "22323",
"uom": "ghgh"
"net": "2323.99",
"uom": "dff"

however, this is the schema it shows me for quantities.
Any suggestions? thank you


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  1. Nasreen Akter 10,791 Reputation points

    Hi @arkiboys ,

    Thank you for the ask. I think the best way to load a dataset-schema is by creating a json-schema file with all the possible attributes in it and then load it. For the above example the json-schema file would be something like


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