Is there a way to lock the mouse in Windows Sandbox?

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Hello, I've been redirected to ask this question here after posting it in the Microsoft Answers forum. I'm trying to test a multiplayer game in Windows Sandbox (Win 10 Pro) and the mouse behavior is not working as it normally would on a PC, making this very difficult.

On a normal PC, if I'm trying to rotate a 3D view in my game, and the cursor reaches the left edge of a screen, I can keep rotating the view in the same direction by lifting the physical mouse up, moving it to the right edge of the mouse mat, and dragging it again from right to left on the mouse mat. This is the usual behaviour on most games and it works because what matters is the distance that the mouse travels.

However, if I'm trying to use windows Sandbox at full screen to replicate a normal PC, and the cursor reaches the edge of the sandbox window (which at fullscreen is also the edge of my monitor) then I can't rotate the view any further. This is still the case even if I lift my mouse up and move it to the other side of the mouse mat again like I described above.

I'm guessing that this is because the sandbox version of the game is reading how far my cursor moves on my PC screen, rather than how far my physical mouse moves. Is this correct? Is there any way of "locking" my mouse to the Sandbox so that it reads directly how far my physical mouse is moving and behaves more like a normal PC?

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