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Kummari, Rani 66 Reputation points

We have some duplicate users in User Information List. The duplicates are created because of the rehire of the same user with a different account name in AD.
User1 exists in User Information List with Domain\xxxx with a created date in 2017 and with Domain\yyyy with a created date in 2022.
User1 was hired in 2017 with AccountName in AD as Domain\xxxx and was terminated some time in 2019. This account exists in UIL.
User1 was re-hired in 2022 with AccountName in AD as Domain\yyyy and is currently working. This account exists in UIL.

How to move Domain\xxxx to Domain\yyyy without loosing Domain\yyyy

Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.

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  1. James Whitlock 5 Reputation points

    I've had this issue since implementation of ADFS and found no "built-in" solution. I mitigated the issue by creating a scheduled task that runs every 15 mins to delete the duplicate profiles and have been running in this configuration for several years.

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  2. Haoyan Xue_MSFT 22,461 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Kummari, Rani
    Both Domain\xxxx and Domain\yyyy still exist in AD, right?
    When granting permission to user and the user accesses the site collection, the user will be automatically added to the User Information List.
    If the domain \yyyy has been idle and you want to delete it, you can manually delete the user in UIL.
    Navigate to the URL in the browser to:
    What does How to move Domain\xxxx to Domain\yyyy without loosing Domain\yyyy mean?
    Do you want to copy the permissions originally belonging to Domain\xxxx to Domain\yyyy?
    If yes, you can get the User Permissions detail report of Domain\xxxx through powershell, and grant it to Domain\yyyy. Finally, delete Domain\xxxx from AD.
    User Permissions detail report powershell code:

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  3. Kummari, Rani 66 Reputation points

    The old account Domain\xxxx does not exist in AD as the user is terminated. Domain\yyyy exists in AD as the user is rehired with this new account.
    I can delete the account Domain\xxxx as it is idle, but I'm worried that on any of the infopath forms where the user is referenced, the user won't be found.
    That's why I'm thinking if I can move Domain\xxxx to Domain\yyyy using move-spuser command (meaning wherever the sharepoint/infopath forms show User Domain\xxxx, after move will have User: Domain\yyyy)
    For this I'm willing to create a dummy AD user for Domain\xxxx

    Ultimately my goal is to combine Domain\xxxx into Domain\yyyy
    Hope this makes sense.

  4. Kummari, Rani 66 Reputation points

    Since we can't merge two accounts into one, the only option left for me is to delete the users, I'm looking into that and the issues that come with that.