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Hello all.
Anyone knows if a single msg/oft email message saved on disk, saves the category color codes?
Using a sdk to extract some data from such files, I also can GetCategories of MapiMessage which is a collection of useless strings!
User might name a Color Category something like my color.
Need the color codes and don't know to extract which property to get it.

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  1. Oskar Shon 866 Reputation points MVP

    If you Export message as msg, then text information from categories should stay, but Color is a RDO repository and works with Categories but that is a deferent mechanizm.
    I build Addin to Categories to that account saved as in POP so I make test and I found deference's. between Exchange and IMAP categories.

    I do export two mails from 2 kind of account type


    And I see that in Exchange color in outside msg is not save, but in IMAP (as on POP) works as well.
    But in object mail (as you can use in code) you can not use Color parameter. Then you should take it as a rule that there are no colors when exporting.



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  2. S-Soft 646 Reputation points

    Hey, thanks for the great info, did I understand it correctly that the color code as RGB/Hex etc is not saved/accessible?
    What if we extract the message from pst/ost/olm?
    If that's available there please advise which properties to extract to grab the color codes?

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  3. Oskar Shon 866 Reputation points MVP

    mailitem means mail object do not have parameter directly responsible for a color. but only for text category only.
    Colors that RDO mechanizm in application. That worked together to use easy and good looking solution.

    I do not know you can connected to it via VBA.
    In VB.Net I do not go so far if I can call creator.


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