Question regarding clustered host power outage.

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So, say I have a healthy cluster with 10 Windows DC 2016 hypervisors with SAN attached storage hosting my VM's (Say 5 on each host). If the the power is forcibly pulled on host 01 what should happen to those 5 "powered on" VM's? There's plenty of capacity on all the other hypervisors in the cluster and the VM do not have preferred owners. The automatic start action of each VM is set at "Do Nothing" because the VM's are already powered on.

Shouldn't the VM's just migrate to one of the other 9 hypervisors and be in a powered on state?


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  1. Dave Patrick 352K Reputation points MVP

    Read on here about what to expect.

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    I read that earlier and saw...

    If a clustered host fails and there is sufficient capacity across the surviving nodes, all guests are re-activated within seconds. This cuts the unexpected downtime of a virtual machine to a fraction of the expectation of a physical system.

    Does anyone have real world experience with this? Basically, pulling the power from a cluster node and having the VMs that were on that node power back up on another node w/o intervention? I know this works with VMware, but don't know about Hyper-V.


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