Intermittent connection failure while connecting to storage account from logic app

Abhijit Jadhav (INFOSYS LIMITED) 11 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

We are connecting to storage account from logic app to save some flags values in storage account table. We are getting below intermittent error with Bad Request Error code in this step. We see, this issue comes several times every month. There are no changes happened in storage account in this particular time whenever below errors are occurred. In this logic app, same storage account is used at two different steps. There are cases where below error didn't come in first step(where this storage account is used) but it came in second step. This means, in a difference of seconds suddenly logic app is facing storage connection issue. This is definitely intermittent and weird.

SA configuration is : storage account is general purpose V2, Replicate is RA-GRS, Performance - Standard, Disk state- both primary and secondary available, location - west central US

"message": "{\r\n \"path\": \"forward-request\",\r\n \"source\": \"forward-request\",\r\n \"message\": \"The remote name could not be resolved: ''\",\r\n \"reason\": \"BackendConnectionFailure\"\r\n}"

Please help to understand the root cause and solution to fix the issue. Not sure, how such intermittent issues can come so frequently, when availability of azure resources is claimed 99.9 %

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