Why is Azure Kinect shifting about 3 inches to the left and 1 inch down randomly?

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I have been using Azure Kinect products for several years, and I have recently observed an issue I haven't seen before. I am hoping others may have seen similar issues and can give me some insight as to why this is happening.

The camera is connected via power and USB, with a USB extender to the PC. I noticed that after unplugging and re-plugging camera that the field of view had shifted about 3 inches to the left and 1 inch down. I tried this again to see if it would revert to its original field of view, but it did not. I also tried restarting the PC and this had no effect either. After disconnecting and letting it rest for a few hours, it did revert back to its original field of view. Ultimately, this was unacceptable, so the camera was replaced with another Azure Kinect. It had the same original view and all was well. Then, after a few days, it started displaying the same shift to the left the first one was. I was also not able to easily revert back to its original field of view.

Do you have any suggestions to resolve this? Or insight as to why it may be happening? All help is welcome.

Thank you.

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