Can not delete MS Graph subscription

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I am trying to delete a subcsription using postman. I have been dooing the same things as I always been doing. Do a DEL request to{subscriptionId} but it fails. I have the same if i try to do a GET{subscriptionId}

It works for some of subscriptions, The one which is not working they have one thing in command and that is the the notificationUrl ends with undefined (
https://domainname/email/notification?clientId=76a7b9&email=undefined). The notification URL ends with undefined, But as I see it the "undefined" is a text.

When i try to delete I got this message;

I got this error message: {
"error": {
"code": "ExtensionError",
"message": "There was an error processing a storage extension.",
"innerError": {
"date": "2022-11-16T22:34:45",
"request-id": "0283ba4b-7ddc-4546-ad88-1b725ae4b0a5",
"client-request-id": "0283ba4b-7ddc-4546-ad88-1b725ae4b0a5"

Why can I not delete, Also the registrated webhook is not sending anything

Regards Fredrik

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