Problem with Outlook Room Bookings 'suggestions' tab

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Hi, I know this has been posted before but the solutions listed have not resolved the issue for us. We are a large scale organisation with 70+ rooms in the system.

We have a fairly new room bookings system via outlooks calendar system. Since its implementation 6 months ago we have had multiple instances of duplicate 'bookings', about two every month. People turn up at rooms only to see someone else is there, yet they both have confirmation emails from the system.

However when we look at that rooms calendar there is only one appointment confirmed,

It's likely this is caused by people using the 'Suggestions' tab:


This 'Suggestions' shows rooms gives the option to select rooms that are already booked, or hidden on exchange if the user has booked them in the past. It will allow the user to select the room and it copies the room resource mailbox into 'Required' field as an attendee, and when they hit 'send' that triggers the mailbox to send an autoreply message. The default message on rooms is the acceptance one - so for all intents and purposes it looks like a legit room booking to the person, but is not. It therefor never appears on the rooms calendar.

How do we get rid of the suggestions tab?!

So far, I have tried the solutions offered on forums of disallowing conflicts, and setting AllRequestsOutOfPolicy:0. Microsoft support recommended deleting ( HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Preferences\LocationMRU) that did not solve the issue either.

I've contacted Microsoft technical support and they have not been able to resolve this for over five months, despite numerous PSR and Fiddler exchanges.

Any further help? Thanks in advance.

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