Unable to pull CPU status using the same VB.net program against a remote server which is running on a new Window 2019 OS.

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We have a VB.net program running from a server (say Server A) gathering CPU load data from about 10 servers (running Windows 2012 Standard) as part of the monitoring effort. 3 of them (say New Integ A,B,C) being monitored have local firewall turned on given the nature of their rule with integration/data exchange. This has been running and doing fine over a year, without issues. Until recently, we need to upgrade all 10 servers to use Windows 2019 per vendor’s suggestion.
We did not use the in-place method, so we add new one with a brand new Windows 2019 server, and then remove the old one one by one after every live testing on each new comer.
I have encountered this CPU load cataloging problem from three new servers ( I called them, Integ A,B,C here) the moment when the local firewall turned on. They were fine in terms of getting the CPU status by Server A after adding to the network (before their local firewall turned on).
We know there is some new setting in Windows 2019 in local firewall setting, we have tried to compare them with the old IntegA,B,C server (they are still online as part of the testing) with the setting, and we have already adjusted/matched to the best we think of that could cause the issue. But still I am unable to get CPU status from them (the new IntegA,B,C). However the old 3 IntegA,B,C running Windows 2012 continue to be fine in terms of receiving the CPU load status by Server A.

Additional information I would like to provide is that at this Server A, the script crashed at this line
“Dim objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") “
, and the debugging error message said something about ActiveX cannot be created….

I have test run the script at the new IntegA,B,C server locally directly (instead of running from Server A), CPU status was able to send out to the database server on all three new IntegA,B,C (each script ran locally pointing to its computer name).

It has got to be an security issue and related to the local firewall we turned on and with the firewall rule.

This is a tough area crossing application development and network security issue. Any helps are highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Windows Server Security
Windows Server Security
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    Thanks everyone for trying to help. Although I have not got any answer responses, I have not stopped trying for a solution. I got lucky that by working with our network folks, we enabled some rules using educated guess and we were to solve the problem. The reason I updated here, is share the information that those newly activated rules in the new servers with the Windows2019 where not enabled in the currently working ones with Windows2012 (to be replaced by these new ones) . This is what has clouded the analysis.
    Thank you.

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