Unhide rows id no data show in SSRS report


I have a ssrs report and I have checked the visibility setting on the report and it is not checked. There are no expressions on the tablix to make the values 0 not show when the data is 0. the only thing i can see is the code behind the report to prevent divide by 0 error. Does anyone know why in a tablix if the value s are 0 the table doesnt show values just headers? I need to have row collumns show up even if the value is 0261938-2022-11-18-08-04-00.png

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SQL Server Reporting Services
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  1. Michael Taylor 51,346 Reputation points

    I'm not aware of any behavior in SSRS that would hide a row because of 0s. All SSRS does is enumerate each row and render it. It doesn't matter what the data inside is. I suspect you have something else going on here. Most likely the report has some code somewhere that is hiding the row. Unfortunately finding that in the designer is a pain. Your better option might be to open the RDL file directly in a text editor and then search for any code that touches the visibility of the row.

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  2. Joyzhao-MSFT 15,571 Reputation points

    Hi @Jannette Jones

    • Please make sure if you have row visibility set.
    • Check your original table in the database to see if the data is normal, and what is the data type?
    • Please try to modify the field containing 0 value, modify its font, color, etc.;
    • Check to see if there are any statements about hidden field values in your custom code.

    To avoid errors with expressions, you can add a function in your custom code to handle division by zero:

    Public Function Divider (ByVal Dividend As Double, ByVal Divisor As Double)  
    If Is Nothing(Divisor) Or Divisor = 0  
       Return 0  
       Return Dividend/Divisor  
    End If  
    End Function  

    then call it in a cell like this:

    =Code.Divider(Fields!FieldA.Value, Fields!FieldB.Value)  

    If possible, please share the visibility expression you are using in your report.
    Best Regards,

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