Can i make another Azure free account with different informations?

Chniduh 16 Reputation points

Hi ,
I want to know ,can i make an Azure free account with different owner info if I already had a free account in same phone?
Is it possible with different name,Address,credit cards info?

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Azure Cost Management
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  1. Dillon Silzer 56,361 Reputation points

    Hi @Chniduh

    You should be able to sign-up for your account (if you have never signed up before) no matter what phone is being used. Azure has a pretty robust system for picking up if you are a previous customer and will not allow you to sign up for two or more free accounts.

    Statement from the FAQ:

    The Azure free account is available to all new Azure customers who haven't previously had an Azure free account and received a USD200 credit.


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  2. Luke Murray 10,896 Reputation points MVP

    I believe you are unable to use the same credit card, when creating a new Free account if it has already been used.

    If you work for an organisation, that is a Microsoft Partner - it may have free Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions you can consume instead -

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  3. Zeenat un Nisa 5 Reputation points

    Azure generally allows users to create multiple free accounts, but there are some limitations and considerations to keep in mind:

    Unique Email Address: Each Azure account is associated with a unique email address. You'll need a different email address for each new free account you create.

    Unique Phone Number: Azure may require you to verify your identity with a phone number when creating an account. While you can use the same phone number for multiple accounts, each phone number can only be associated with a limited number of accounts.

    Unique Credit Card: Azure requires a credit card for identity verification purposes when signing up for a free account. While Azure won't charge your credit card for most free services, it's important to note that you can only use a credit card once for a free account. If you've used a credit card for a previous free account, you'll need a different credit card for a new account.

    Terms of Service: Ensure that you're following Azure's terms of service when creating multiple accounts. Azure may take action if it detects abuse or violations of its terms.

    Resource Limits: Each Azure free account comes with certain usage limits and quotas. Be mindful of these limits to avoid unexpected charges or service disruptions.

    Before creating multiple Azure free accounts, carefully review Azure's terms of service and consider whether you genuinely need multiple accounts. If you're using Azure for personal or learning purposes, one free account may be sufficient for your needs.

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  4. Victor lopez 1 Reputation point

    I strongly believe that free accounts should not be abused, a period of 30 days is more than enough to know if the product meets your needs, if so and you are already having some benefit, the minimum would be to pay the cost of the product, if not you think it fits due to the cost maybe you should look for another solution

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