Durable Entity function doesn't trigger or receive data from streaming analytics

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The durable entity function I've setup as output for a streaming analytics job doesn't trigger or receive any data. I can see incoming input data in the stream analytics job and it outputs to store the data correctly (for a stream analytics job storage output test I also setup). If I test the CalculatePositioni function with postman the function and entity receives the data and updates the state correctly.

I also get a binding error for the function app and I can't see what's missing:

Stream Analytics Job output with my duration funcapp setup:

I selected keyname default at output creation. I note don't see anywhere or local.settings.json in the function app where I'd need to enter the hashed key.

My function app.

namespace BladeFunctionApps  
public static class TransformAlgorithm  
    public static async Task Process_Algorithm([EntityTrigger] IDurableEntityContext context, ILogger log)  
        //Set or Get intermediate calculation state values  
        Algorithm_SaveStateVariables intermediate_calc_results;  
        if (context.HasState)  
            intermediate_calc_results = context.GetState<Algorithm_SaveStateVariables>();  
            log.LogInformation("Success getting state values: CumItems:" + intermediate_calc_results.AverageMagnetometerX +   
                " Avg:"+ intermediate_calc_results.AverageMagnetometerX);  
            log.LogError("Failed to get state values.");  
            intermediate_calc_results = new Algorithm_SaveStateVariables();  
        //Get values from incoming Json object and perform calculations  
        JObject deviceBatchMessage = (JObject)JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(context.GetInput<string>());  
        Random rnd = new Random();  
        int incomingDataLines = rnd.Next(1, 10);  
        bool parsebool=float.TryParse(deviceBatchMessage["body"]["magnetX"].ToString(), out float tempMagnX);  
            intermediate_calc_results.AverageMagnetometerX+= tempMagnX;  
            log.LogError("Could not parse to float: " + deviceBatchMessage["body"]["magnetX"].ToString());  
            intermediate_calc_results.AverageMagnetometerX += 0;  
    public static async Task<ActionResult> CalculateTransform(  
        [HttpTrigger(AuthorizationLevel.Function, "get", Route = null)] HttpRequest req,  
        [DurableClient] IDurableEntityClient client, ILogger log)  
        //read data  
        // Extract the body from the request  
        log.LogInformation("I'm at the top of CalculatePosition");  
        string jsonContent = await new StreamReader(req.Body).ReadToEndAsync();  
        if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(jsonContent))  
            log.LogInformation("CalculatePosition: Received Data null or empty.");  
            return new StatusCodeResult(204); // 204, ASA connectivity check  
            log.LogInformation("CalculatePosition: Received Data:" + jsonContent);  
        //send data to algo for processing  
        var entityId = new EntityId(nameof(Process_Algorithm), "ProcessTransformAlgorithm");  
        await client.SignalEntityAsync(entityId,"FullOperation",jsonContent);  
        return (ActionResult)new OkObjectResult($"CalculatePosition: CalculatePosition Success");  


What binding is missing?


The input/output setup with Query in the Stream Analytics Job should work, I think so because it's the same setup that I use to output into a blob and works with the blob, not with Azure Steam analytics.




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  1. LeelaRajeshSayana-MSFT 13,966 Reputation points

    Hi @Sergio Solorzano ,

    I am posting the resolution on this forum to help other community member who might face the similar issue. To resolve the issue, you would need a query to push data from the stream analytics into your Azure function. The query you currently have pushes the data into the blob storage but not the Azure function.

    To fix this, your query in Azure Stream Analytics job should look similar to something below


    Kindly accept answer or upvote if the response is helpful so that it would benefit other community members facing the same issue.

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