Local Development Machine to private API protected by Application Proy

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For a "developer running local IDE connecting to a private API protected by Azure Application Proxy" use case (which involves emulating a "service-to-service" scenario (i.e. front-end app connecting to private, non-production API layer) on top of "human-to-service". We must only provide access to the authorized developers to the private, non-production API...but then the local front-end app needs to be able to seamlessly connect to the API. I presume the running development instance then needs to become aware of the token(s)/cookie(s) that are needed by the App Proxy after the user (i.e. Engineer) has been authenticated/authorized.

Do you have any guidance or patterns that this can be accomplished? Since this isn't a straightforward "human-to-service" scenario - and involves the user's local development instance to connect to the private API - I wanted to see if there were common ways to address this?

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