CollectionView has visibility problems

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In my app I have several pages/views that are shown. In one the views there is a CollectionView. When the app loads this is shown no problem. When I go to another page and then back to the page with the CollectionView, the CollectionView is no longer shown. As I was going to use the Span property in the CollectionView this is why I am using it but an no longer going to use it.

So I change the CollectionView to ListView (really MS when I forget CellView and get a cast error could you not actually tell what you found wrong???) and then the ListView shows all the time.

Since the Live treeview does not work I have no idea why the CollectionView does not show as the ItemsSource is still valid etc. It seems like a Maui problem.

   <CollectionView ItemsSource="{Binding teamStatsVM.teamRecords}">  
                                   <VerticalStackLayout Margin="0,0,0,1">  
                                           <Label Text="{Binding}" HorizontalTextAlignment="Center" FontSize="18" FontAttributes="Bold" TextColor="Red" Margin="0,0,5,0" VerticalTextAlignment="Center" ></Label>  
                                           <Image Source="{Binding team.logo}" HeightRequest="24" Margin="0,0,5,0" VerticalOptions="Center"></Image>  
                                           <Switch x:Name="visiblitySwitch" IsToggled="{Binding visibilitySwitch}" VerticalOptions="Center" Scale="0.75" Toggled="switchToggled"  ></Switch>  
                                       <!--<VerticalStackLayout IsVisible="{Binding Source={x:Reference visiblitySwitch},Path=IsToggled}">-->  
                                       <VerticalStackLayout IsVisible="{Binding visibilitySwitch}">  
                                           <Label Text="Conference" FontSize="16" FontAttributes="Bold" IsVisible="{Binding showConferenceVersus}"></Label>  
                                           <dxcv:DXCollectionView ItemsSource="{Binding records.conferenceRecords}"   
                                                              ItemTemplate="{StaticResource versusDT}"   
                                                              IsVisible="{Binding showConferenceVersus}">  
                                           <Label Text="" FontSize="16" FontAttributes="Bold" IsVisible="{Binding showConferenceVersus}"></Label>  
                                           <Label Text="Division" FontSize="16" FontAttributes="Bold" IsVisible="{Binding showDivisionVersus}"></Label>  
                                           <dxcv:DXCollectionView ItemsSource="{Binding records.divisionRecords}"   
                                                              ItemTemplate="{StaticResource versusDT}"   
                                                              IsVisible="{Binding showDivisionVersus}">  
                                           <Label Text="" FontSize="16" FontAttributes="Bold" IsVisible="{Binding showDivisionVersus}"></Label>  
                                           <Label Text="Overall" FontSize="16" FontAttributes="Bold"></Label>  
                                           <dxcv:DXCollectionView ItemsSource="{Binding records.overallRecords}" HeightRequest="100" ItemTemplate="{StaticResource versusDT}">  
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