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A customer has an Exchange hybrid configuration (Exchange 2019/Exchange Online).
When partners want to create an OrganizationRelationship with our customer, the default domain (CUSTOMER.COM) does not work. To create the OrganizationRelationship you have to use another domain that the customer has. (e.g. TEST.CUSTOMER.COM or CUSTOMER.ONMICROSOFT.COM)
If the OrganizationRelationship could be created, however, the default domain (CUSTOMER.COM) is always missing in the configuration and it must be added manually.

If you execute the command Get-FederationInformation -domainname CUSTOMER.COM you will get an error message.

Write-ErrorMessage : Ex15B18C|Microsoft.Exchange.Management.SystemConfigurationTasks.GetFederationInformationFailedException|Federation information could not be received from the external

If you execute the command Get-FederationInformation -domainname TEST.CUSTOMER.COM, you will get correct result with all DomainNames except CUSTOMER.COM domain.

TargetApplicationUri :
DomainNames : {,,,}
TargetAutodiscoverEpr :
TokenIssuerUris : {urn:federation:MicrosoftOnline}
IsValid : True
ObjectState : Unchanged

How can I update the Federation/FederationInformation?



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  1. Amit Singh 4,866 Reputation points

    Run the Get-FederationInformation cmdlet against that domain name, and see what it returns. If it returns a failure, rerun it with the -Verbose switch to get the detailed info.

    Also you can check this blog for more insight -

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  2. Jörg Sinemus 0 Reputation points

    When you get Ex15B18C with Exchange Online and you are really using a valid domain (e.g., with my experience you need to open a Support Case with Microsoft and climb the escalation ladder, until the EXO PG can fix that behavior.

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