Subscription not triggering notifications when scope set to specific group

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Hi, I have a subscription set up which then runs a command channel when triggered. In the subscription I need it to only send alerts related to certain objects such as:

  • Windows Computers
  • Linux Computers
  • Website Availability Monitoring
  • Website Transaction Monitoring
  • Port Checks
  • Service Checks

So, I have added all the relevant objects into a single group called 'All OOH Alerting' as I want to send these alerts only OOH. On the subscription I have restricted the scope to 'raised by any instance in a specific group' and set the group to the 'All OOH Alerting' as mentioned above, including all alerts with no criteria set (allow all).

However, when I trigger an alert, it just doesn't send, it's like the scope I've set hasn't picked up on the alert. I've tried different types of alerts, such as the website availability and computer not reachable. I have also added every single object to do with a computer into the group which still doesn't work, so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong?

I know the notification part of it works fine as it will generate the notification when I set the scope to cover all objects.

I have posted pictures of the subscription scope and the group containing the objects (with redacted names of servers)263759-subscription.png263789-group.png

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  1. Andrew Tabar 171 Reputation points

    The problem is that you're using the Health Service Watcher object in your group which means you'll only get alerts specifically related to the HSW which is heartbeat failure and computer not reachable.

    For Windows systems, use the Windows Computer object. This will get the computer and ALL contained objects, like logical disk, CPU/Memory, server, services, etc. (it won't get HSW related alerts).