IAutomaticUpdates2::EnableService returns Access is denied even when run as administrator

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I'm using the COM interface to access the Windows Update API. I get access denied when i call IAutomaticUpdates2::EnableService even though i am running as admin.


   fn enabled_windows_update() {  
       unsafe {  
       let gid = windows::core::GUID::from("BFE18E9C-6D87-4450-B37C-E02F0B373803");  
       let mut handle: windows::Win32::System::UpdateAgent::IAutomaticUpdates2 =  
           unsafe { Com::CoCreateInstance(&gid as *const _, None, Com::CLSCTX_ALL).unwrap() };  
       println!("{:?}", unsafe { handle.EnableService() });  
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  1. Castorix31 83,101 Reputation points

    I tested in C++ on Windows 10 21H1 : I also get E_ACCESSDENIED,
    but if I check the "Windows Update" service in services.msc, it becomes enabled (Manual) ...

  2. Xiaopo Yang - MSFT 12,226 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    You can use Service Configuration Programs and Service Control Programs to modify or query the database of installed services and starts and controls services respectively.
    There is a Complete Service Sample.

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