WinUI 3 window does not open in fullscreen after closing in fullscreen to the system tray

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I am not sure, if this is a bug or if i have to handle it myself.
It is a unpackaged c++ app and the window is callable (can be opened) by an icon in the system tray.
It is like the title says. If i open the window and maximize it by double clicking in the title bar, the window gets maximized to fullscreen and fills the entire monitor.
If i close the window by the red x button as desired (the application is still running) and i open it again by the system tray icon, the window is not maximized.
Is this a bug, should not the application save the window state automatically?

It is weird because it saves the state when it's not maximized to fullscreen.


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  1. youki 1,016 Reputation points

    Got it fixed:

    Not this:

    ShowWindow(MainWindow::s_handle, SW_NORMAL);  


    ShowWindow(MainWindow::s_handle, SW_SHOW);  

    Thank you.

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