How can I access the disk associated with the Standard D32ds_v4 instance?


According to the documentation the Standard_D32ds_v4 instance has a local disk, I put a k8s node with this instance, but inside the instance, I can't see the associated dick, how can I access this disk from the k8s node.

When inside the node I ask for the associated disks I only have the C: drive with 20GB

C:\app\vf>wmic logicaldisk get name  
 Volume in drive C has no label.  
 Volume Serial Number is CCDA-E19D  
 Directory of C:\app\vf  
11/25/2022  06:40 PM    <DIR>          .  
11/25/2022  06:40 PM    <DIR>          ..  
. . .  
               3 File(s)          7,683 bytes  
               8 Dir(s)  21,040,795,648 bytes free  
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
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  1. Sreeju Nair 12,181 Reputation points
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  2. Anonymous

    Thank you,
    We do that in other nodes that we have, but they are disks that are added as pvc that are paid extra. We found that this type of node has an associated local disk but I can't find how to configure it.

    I already read the two urls that you sent me, and I still don't understand how to configure it. There is also nothing in the node description indicating the hard drive associated with this instance, nor in the Azure portal configuration.

    In the current pods that we use, we have this configuration for the pods, and it is what we have been working with.


    but it is being persistent when we stop the node microsoft continue to charge us for the hard disk, when in reality we need a hard drive that is temporary

    In addition, if I go to the kubernetes storages, nothing appears related to the hard disk that contains the node.


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  3. Bjoern Peters 8,856 Reputation points

    Hi @Anonymous

    As I understood... you have deployed a virtual machine, D32ds, with Linux and want to access the local SSD drive (according to the documentation, it is a local SSD with 128GB... let me show you what the documentation says...

    On Azure Linux VMs, the temporary disk is typical /dev/sdb and on Windows VMs, the temporary disk is D: by default. The temporary disk is not encrypted by server-side encryption unless you enable encryption at the host.

    Maybe this helps you to find the disk...

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  4. Anonymous

    I'm talking about this 1.2TB hard drive that claims to have the instance


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