Need to Create a Webservice in c# for Upload a file in One Drive

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I need to Create webservice in c# to interact with OneDrive (System account) account. Webservice should have Rest calls to
Upload a word document to OneDrive, set permissions and return URL, Unique ID after successfully uploading the document to OneDrive This call will take a word Document, user email addresses for permissions and basic metadata as request parameters
Performs verifications (Ensures format is correct, user mail addresses are valid , size of the document is not exceeded
Authentication will be handled by the web service
Rest Call will upload the document to one Drive, sets the permission with email address provided as request parameter
Return the unique ID, Document URL in OneDrive as response
iif no users are working on the document, Make the permissions of all users to readonly and Function will return the word document to the calling application as a response if no users have document open
If users have document open , function will return a response indicating the same
Error Handling should be handled

Plz help


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