Continuously Available share can't resume during Windows Failover Cluster failover

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We've 2 node Windows Failover Cluster running on Windows Server 2016. They have iSCSI device connected and share as continuous available share.

We test by copying a large file to the CA share then perform failover test.
During failover, we can see for all volumes on new active server node:

  • resume database can be loaded
  • resume key filter can be attached

However, see error on the new active server node:

Event: 2103
Msg Source: Microsoft-Windows-ResumeKeyFilter
Message: The resume of handle {4B26D635-64EC-11ED-984F-005056B466E2} on file \Device\HarddiskVolume15\Shares\test\cdrom.iso failed with error status 0xC0000022.

Event: 1016
Msg Source: Microsoft-Windows-SMBServer
Message: Reopen failed.

Client Name: \
Client Address:
User Name: NODE2\vbrtest2PwX9i
Session ID: 0x4300014000069
Share Name: cdc1-dr-veeam
File Name: cdrom.iso
Resume Key: {4B26D635-64EC-11ED-984F-005056B466E2}
Status: {Access Denied}
A process has requested access to an object, but has not been granted those access rights. (0xC0000022)
RKF Status: {Access Denied}
A process has requested access to an object, but has not been granted those access rights. (0xC0000022)
Durable: false
Resilient: false
Persistent: false
Reason: RKF resume create


The client attempted to reopen a continuously available handle, but the attempt failed. This typically indicates a problem with the network or underlying file being re-opened.

On client:

Event: 30611
Msg Source: Microsoft-Windows-SMBClient
Message: Failed to reconnect a persistent handle.

Error: {Access Denied}
A process has requested access to an object, but has not been granted those access rights.

FileId: 0x2000013000000D8:0x0
CreateGUID: {4b26d635-64ec-11ed-984f-005056b466e2}
Path: \testrepo\test\cdrom.iso

Reason: The server denied the create request

Previous reconnect error: The transport connection is now disconnected.
Previous reconnect reason: Disconnected because there was a network disconnect indication


A persistent handle allows transparent failover on Windows File Server clusters. This event has many causes and does not always indicate an issue with SMB. Review online documentation for troubleshooting information.

The client then prompts whether to overwrite the file, as if the file on the share is another one due to persistent handle can't be resumed.

Would anyone please help?

Thanks a lot.
Best Rgds

Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016
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    In the Failover Cluster snap-in, in the console tree, make sure Failover Cluster Management is selected and then, under Management, click Validate a Configuration.

    Follow the instructions in the wizard to specify the servers and the tests, and run the tests. The Summary page appears after the tests run.

    While still on the Summary page, click View Report to view the test results.

    To view the results of the tests after you close the wizard, see %SystemRoot%\Cluster\Reports\Validation Report date and time.html where %SystemRoot% is the folder in which the operating system is installed (for example, C:\Windows).

    To view help topics that will help you interpret the results, click More about cluster validation tests


    Thank you for posting your query.

    Kindly follow the steps provided below to resolve your issue.

    Go to this link for your reference and other troubleshooting procedures


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