About the GUIX restrictions.

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Please let me know if anyone knows about this.

The following URL is a description of the limitations of GUIX Studio.


The following three are listed here.

  • A maximum of 4 displays per project.
  • A maximum of 100,000 widgets per GUIX Studio project.
  • A maximum of 100,000 distinct resources, e.g., colors, fonts, pixelmaps, strings, etc.

Could you please tell me how to count the second and third?

  • Regarding the second constraint
    Does one "Insert" in GUIX Studio count as one count?
    Or do you count one widget generated by GUIX at runtime as one count?
  • Regarding the third constraint
    Does one registered color in the "Colors" tab count as one count?
    For font counting, does one character (one hexadecimal code selected from UTF-16 character codes) in the "Fonts" tab count as one character?
    For counting pixel maps, is one pixel map counted as one count in the "Pixelmaps" tab?
    For string counting, does one string count as one count in the "Strings" tab?
    If I register a multilingual (two-language) map, does it count as two (because it is in two languages)?
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  1. Ken Maxwell 706 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @k.kaneko I apologize for the delay in responding I didn't see your question come in. I did some research and the documentation you referenced is stale and needs to be updated. The true limitations are:

    1. 4 unique display devices (not visual screens, but physical displays).
    2. 8192x8192 max x,y resolution for each physical display.
    3. 8 total Themes.
    4. 128 total languages.
    5. 10K strings (for each language, it is maintained as a languages*strings table)

    There is no internal limit on the number of widgets or number of resources a project may contain. I have created a task to update this portion of the documentation. Let me know if you have any other specific questions.

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  1. AndresMlinar 256 Reputation points

    Sorry for the delay. I communicated this to a GUIX expert internally. They will take a look at your questions.

    My colleagues may override my answers, but for now:

    *the limit of 100,000 widgets is for GUIX studio, not GUIX.

    *for the second one, I believe you are correct, every mentioned resource count as one.

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