WinRT : How to convert DateTime to hstring

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I was trying to make a custom CalendarDatePicker where we can pick a date from CalendarView and also modify the date manually through the keyboard.

To achieve this, I took 2 fields, one Textbox, and one CalendarDatePicker, when we pick a date from CalendarView, I want to update the date in TextBox. That is, I want to convert the DateTime returned from CalendarDatePicker.Date Property to hstring, So that I can update the date as the string in Textbox.

I was not able to find any reference for this online. It would be of great help if you could help me with this conversion.

Thank you

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    You can use DateTimeFormatter with the format you want

    For example, with a CalendarDatePicker cdp1 and a TextBox tb1 :

           DateTimeFormatter formatter(L"shortdate shorttime");  
           auto dt = formatter.Format(cdp1().Date().Value());  

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