No.of Licenses available to Client is Zero

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Hi All,

I have 2 different Forests with Two way trust, Forest-2 has multiple sub domains with domain trust. RDS License server 2019 is located in Forest-1 with Per User licenses installed. Users are accessing RDSH 2019 servers from both Forest/domains and RDSH 2019 servers are only in Forest-1.

Could see that Per User licenses are reaching the limit and the console shows all RDS Licenses are Issued, but noticed below issues.

  1. When report generated, only 50 users sessions visible but on the console all per user licenses are used and i can see the users details next to Per User CAL's. Any way to fetch actual connected users.
  2. Does it allocated more Per User CAL than the actual allocation. ex: if we have 100 Per User CAL and allocation shows as 150. please make me to understand this scenario.
  3. When i generate the report, Assigned Per User CAL's count is getting reset and i can see the user CAL from Forest1 is getting released for a user who logged off the session. But for Forest2, User CAL is not released though user logged off from the server.

I tried to reboot the RDS License server, but no luck.

Some times suddenly Per User CAL's will be freed, not able to understand how and what happened.

Please provide your valuable guidance to understand this and fix the issue.

Thank you.

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