Mind Mapping: Does MS have this program? If not, who is the official MS Partner?

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In researching Mind Mapping programs over the last week, I think I've more LOST my mind than figured out the answer to my question! There are a LOT of mind mapping programs, many with similar features. Most in fact are similar.

So, I thought to narrow my search to some specific requirements, filter thru the various programs to find the one I would use and also recommend to any of my clients. As I'm the "expert," I must have a good grasp of what I'm saying so that I can comfortably make such a recommendation...but Im NOT, so I CAN'T! Obviously, that is NOT an option. So, Im turning to the community for some help...

Of all the necessary features of a mind map program, integration with our friend MS quickly rose up towards the top...in particular integration into MS 365 AND Teams.

Calling MS, I asked this question: Is there a MS mind map program, if not, who is the Official MS Partner or Partners that integrate into Teams.

I was told Xmind. Really? Having looked at Xmind and a dozen others, I wasn't necessarily impressed with that program. Possibly from just my ignorance of its capabilities? But I found no Scheduling options or phone integration.

HOWEVER, online, it appears the MindMeister is, or was, the official MS Partner...EXCEPT NO Enterprise Level integration...?! Is this correct? Has this been resolved? Are their any plans regarding Enterprise Level integration of a mind mapping program?

Of the two programs, MindMeister has an iPhone App. That's an immediate distinction for Me. Having the maps in my phone on the fly is a definite plus.

Another distinction I want, is to be able to delegate any part of a mind map to a sub-team of individuals to work on that part of the map. In that, it would be helpful if I could not only delegate but be able to post directly into these sub-teams Outlook calendar the timeline for the delegation. And, maybe this already exists so Im sounding amateurish, but it would be nice to be able to not only calendar I sub team but also track the progress of that sub team, all integrated into the map; Project Manager?

What is your feedback on this question? Is Xmind "the" MS Partner? Is MindMeister "the" MS Partner? Is there another?

And if we know who "the" partner is, do they have the Scheduling (Outlook), Project Management, iPhone, integration I'm looking for?

If YOU know...Your input would be SO helpful at the moment.

Which Mind Mapping Program do YOU use or recommend and why? Does the mind mapping program Youre using having an integration down to the phone, like iPhone?

Much Respect, Benjamin

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  1. Benjamin Sotelo 1 Reputation point

    I wrote the above. Since then Ive discovered another online mind mapping site that integrates with MS and has a phone app: Miro.

    It has integration into MS and a phone level app; Onedrive in particular.