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Java EventHubTrigger not working with extensionBundle 2.x and funcino app is with terraform script

I have been using azure-function app with premium plan with vnet integration and event-hub is having firewall enabled. The function app's vnet is allowed access in event-hub's firewall. We use WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE setting to deploy the zip archive for function. The creation of resources is automated using terraform.

The function app works if we use following extension bundle version as "version": "[1., 2.0.0)" and I can see events getting consumed by the function. However when I upgrade the extensionBundle version to "version": "[2., 3.0.0)" , I don't see events getting consumed by function app.

Platform: Java
OS: Linux
Service: Function App
Plan: Premium(EP1)
Function Runtime: ~3

Following is the host.json:

     "version": "2.0",
     "logging": {
         "fileLoggingMode": "always",
         "logLevel": {
             "default": "Information",
             "Host.Results": "Error",
             "Function": "Trace",
             "Host.Aggregator": "Trace"
     "extensionBundle": {
         "id": "Microsoft.Azure.Functions.ExtensionBundle",
         "version": "[2.*, 3.0.0)"
     "extensions": {
         "eventHubs": {
             "batchCheckpointFrequency": 1,
             "eventProcessorOptions": {
                 "maxBatchSize": 256,
                 "prefetchCount": 512

Following is the Java app code:

     public void eventHubProcessor(
             @EventHubTrigger(name = "event", eventHubName = "event-hub-topic", connection = "EventHubListnerConnectionString", dataType = "string") String message,
             final ExecutionContext context) {

Generated function binding:

   "scriptFile": "../event-consumer-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar",
   "entryPoint": "com.exp.event.consumer.EventConsumer.eventHubProcessor",
   "bindings": [
       "type": "eventHubTrigger",
       "direction": "in",
       "name": "event",
       "dataType": "string",
       "connection": "EventHubListnerConnectionString",
       "eventHubName": "claim-inbound",
       "cardinality": "ONE"

Everything has been same except for the extensionBundle which I upgraded to 2.x

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Hello @ThakurSatyendra-1062, Thank you for reaching out! Can you please tell me if you are getting any particular error for events which are not processed by Azure Function App when you upgraded the extension bundle? this way it will be easy to troubleshoot. Also just wanted to confirm, when you observed that the events are not getting consumed, was there any other instance of your function app running at the same time? Something similar to this issue here.

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No I don't see any error and there is no other function app running which can process at the same time. I have only one event-hub with firewall and function app with vnet integration. The only change is upgrading the extension bundle and updating the run time scale monitoring to 1.

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Are there any updates on this issue?

Having just similar settings and using Python environment - and after upgrading extensionBundle to version [2.*, 3.0.0) the events stopped triggering.

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