Peform vTPM attestation programatically on Azure

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Karthik Jayaraman 1 Reputation point

I am trying to invoke Attest APIs ( on a Azure VM with vTPM enabled.

I followed this article and have created the following:

  1. Azure Attestation Service in my subscription
  2. A new policy for TPM attestation
  3. Client with Attestation Reader role
  4. A Ubuntu 20.04.5 instance with vTPM enabled (secure-boot disabled)

With all the pre-requisites setup, I am wondering if its possible for me to call Attestation APIs and perform attestation on-demand using the Attestation client libraries ?

OR, if the attestation is performed only by Azure automatically (the article does not indicate this), is it possible to read and verify the attestation results auto-triggered by Azure ? My objective is to see if I can create a client driven way to attest / verify attestation.

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