Is there a way to tell how end users are creating site collections in SharePoint Online

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Currently, my organization has a SharePoint On-Premise environment. Also, my organization has a SharePoint Online environment. My task is to migrate all sites from On-Premise to SPO. In SPO, I've noticed there are many site collections created by end users. Some I can tell were created through Microsoft Teams. However, there are other site collections created but I'm unsure how. In SPO, I see the central SPO site collection. I believe when my organization had setup a O365 plan, the name of this site collection followed. I would assume sites should've been created under the initial site collection. Besides Microsoft teams and the SharePoint Admin center, how can end users create a site collection?

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    Hi @MDuBose
    Commonly when we create site collection, we need to sign in SharePoint Admin center. Some sites are created by Microsoft Teams, as every new Team gets a SharePoint site because the team has created an Office 365 Group. When an Office 365 Group is created, a related team site will be created automatically.

    You could also create site collections using powershell, for example:

    #Connect to SharePoint Online  
    Connect-SPOService -url "" -Credential (Get-credential)  
    #Create a modern team site  
    New-SPOSite -Url "" -Owner "" -StorageQuota 2048 -Title "Purchase Team Site" -Template "STS#3"  

    For more information, you could refer to:

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