Autoruns Command Line Tool - issue with output [-o] switch when querying all profiles

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When using autorunsc.exe or autorunsc64.exe on systems with multiple profiles, when retrieving the data for all users I have found that the placement of the -o switch affects the output.

If you run :

autorunsc64.exe -accepteula -nobanner -a * -ct -h -o autoruns_temp.csv *  

The "*" on the end which specifies all user profiles is ignored and the output CSV only contains entries for the account under which autorunsc64.exe is running.

If you run :

autorunsc64.exe -accepteula -nobanner -a * -ct -h * -o autoruns_temp.csv  
autorunsc64.exe -accepteula -nobanner -a * -ct -h *  > autoruns_temp.csv  

The CSV contains details for all profiles as expected.

I assume this is a bug ?

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