Unable to create support request- MULTIPLE authentication issues

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I have been experiencing non stop high level security issues on any computer I use to log into my MS Account. Attempted to even completely close/ delete MS account. However, due to lingering subscriptions I have been unable.
Event logs that would make you want to vomit. Registry details that give me nightmares. Group policy struggles, the list grows.

I attempted to update the billing method. I received a message that it was associated with Azure account.
Today I went to the 'External Identities' menu and edited the cross-tenant access settings. Should I even need to do that on an account I did not even know existed until last week.
On that note I have numerous activity regarding NonInteractive SignIns. Various applications, resources, tokens, correlation IDs, etc.... etc... etc.....
I have a default directory with a domain and directory ID.
I also have 2 different billing IDs.

This seems to indicate that I might be a cross-tenant; or a host to one?
I don't have any permissions, or subscriptions.
Additionally, My Portal settings information is showing an error retrieving my email address.

For months - at least August 2022 to date 1/6/2023 my cyber security has been under non stop attack.
I have had to change my phone number 3xs. I have changed phones multiple times. Two computers, both with over 100 hard drive wipes. Changes in passwords, usernames, email addresses. Including my MS alias.
The situation is 24/7. ALL I do is try to update security information. That is not an exaggeration. I have spirals, and reams of paper with various account changes, passwords, PINs, Bitlockers, Back Up codes, and more.

I have at least 75 to 100 + security cases with IS providers, cellular providers, Apple, Amazon, and though there does not seem to be any security department to communicate with @ Google I never sign in without seeing Critical Security issues I need to address. Microsoft, too- sadly even that has not yielded any assistance.
YES, I am dealing with a SOPHISTICATED hacker that is more personal than seeking financial gain.

  1. I have none. This would have ended immediately.
  2. NO financial account has any fraudulent activity. Account access, or otherwise.

I need Cyber 9-1-1

I wish I could just actually speak ON THE phone to Azure support. I can not even create a support request.

These are only 2 of MANY screenshots I have. I have several other csv files, and screenshots about many other issues on the matter


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