Classic to ARM Migration Failing - Template deployment failed - Unable to Abort Retry or Anything

asked 2023-01-08T16:45:06.943+00:00
Doug Knudsen 11 Reputation points

Trying to migrate a Classic VM server to ARM and get an error with the following: Migration of resource '<old-server-name>' failed. CorrelationId=9289e035-a821-4fd6-9192-463398bbc5e8
Unable to commit, abort or retry migration.
Old VM states: Committing migration. This operation may take some time to complete.
New VM states: Management operations are not allowed until migration is committed or aborted. 
Unsure what else I can do at this point. Has been in this state for about 24 hours so I think it is stuck until I can get help by a tech.

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  1. answered 2023-01-10T09:29:24.36+00:00
    Limitless Technology 8,871 Reputation points

    Hi. Thank you for your question and reaching out. I’d be more than happy to help you with your query.

    I believe it will be easier for you to check this article on your end. Since the most frequent mistakes and their remedies while moving IaaS resources from the Azure old deployment paradigm to the Azure Resource Manager stack are listed in this article.

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  2. answered 2023-01-18T02:29:48.8066667+00:00
    KarishmaTiwari-MSFT 10,701 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Doug Knudsen Apologies for the inconvenience caused due to this issue.

    As per the Troubleshooting guide shared in the answer above, for the below error that you are seeing for new VMs,

    Error: "Management operations on VM are disallowed because migration is in progress"

    Mitigation is : This error occurs because the VM is in Prepare state and therefore locked for any update/delete operation. Call Abort using PS/CLI on the VM to roll back the migration and unlock the VM for update/delete operations. Calling commit will also unlock the VM but will commit the migration to ARM.

    If you are still stuck, I would recommend to utilize the following support path for your migration issue :
    Azure Migration Support: Dedicated support team for technical assistance during migration. Customers without technical support can use free support capability provided specifically for this migration.

    If you are having difficulties in creating a free support request, let me know in the comments and I can enable a free support request for you.

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  3. answered 2023-01-23T15:41:27.45+00:00
    Doug Knudsen 11 Reputation points

    I worked with tech support to get this resolved. My migration was stuck and the documentation was not clear in the steps to properly commit in that state. Support walked me through the proper steps.