How to connect tor Microsoft PowerShell Admin centers (Teams, SharePoint, Graph, etc.) in Azure Automation Runbooks

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I am new to Azure Automation and I am trying to find out how to connect to Microsoft PowerShell Admin centers. For example, 'Connect-MicrosoftTeams', 'Connect-SPOService', 'Connect-MgGraph', just to name some examples. If I was to do this in PowerShell, I would be prompted to sign in with MFA. However, I am not able to accomplish this in an Azure Automation Runbook.
I have read a little about Managed Identities, but I am not sure how these can be used to run Teams, SharePoint or Graph commands through their relative modules. I watched [Introduction to Azure Automation][1] and read [Authenticate access with system-assigned managed identity][2], but this only helps me connect to AzAccount. How can I use the SAMI to run Teams, SharePoint, Graph... commands?
I apologise if this is a somewhat poor question. Thank you for your assistance.

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    Most modules do support managed identities, so they are your best bet. Other than that, you can obtain a token and pass it. Take a look at these articles for more details:

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