What about ports used with Direct routing and no MBP set?

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I would like clarification on which ports are used by the Temas client when making a PSTN call without MPB support on the SBC (therefore all media traffic is directed to the Media processor): if I understand correctly, media traffic has source ports from 50000 to 50019 , correct?

The same ports are also used if an audio meeting is held with at least 3 participants; these ports are also configurable in the control panel (Tenant) under the item Meeting setting "select the range of ports.."

But if I change the range of audio ports (e.g. 40000-40019) will the audio meeting have these ports as source while the PSTN call via DR will always use the range 50000-50019?

Basically: if I change the port range in the Setting Setting, what effect does it have on the PSTN call via DR? thank you g.

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