PowerShell? Nope. It apparently doesn't exist.

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Once again, Microsft has chosen to make changes in the way people interact with their peers and the volunteers that concentrate on certain areas of technical knowlege and experise. Once again, that change doesn't seem to have made that interaction any easier.

In one specic case, there is no longer any way to select question pertaining to an area the Microsoft claims is important. PowerShell has been promoted as a way for adminitrators to automate common, repetitive tasks. Microsoft has also chosen PowerShell as a scripting technology that is used to manage and manage their own products. But this new change removed the only "tag" (microsoft-server-powershell) that made it possible to organize questions pertaining to that product. Other languages (VB, C#, F#, C, etc.) have a representation in the choices of what to "follow" -- but not PowerShell.

I was a Microsoft Exchange Server MVP for 16 years (1998 - 2014) before retiring. From the initial release of Exchange, unofficial support was changed from CompuServe forums and e-mail mailing lists to UseNet (where the newsgroups were actually Public Folders on Exchange servers). After a few years Microsoft abandoned newgroups and moved to TechNet forums. That then changed to the previous version of Microsoft Q&A. It's now using an "improved" Microsoft Q&A. But, with each change, I think the actual usefulness of the user interface has diminished. This last "improvement" has convinced me to spend my time on things other than Microsoft's ill-managed software.

Perhaps I'll have another look at the Microsoft Q&A system in future, but, for now, it's "Goodbye, farewell, and so long". I hope you (the web designers ans sytem administrators) come to your senses and decide that making something prettier doesn't necessarily make it more useful.

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  1. Andreas Baumgarten 100.4K Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Rich Matheisen ,

    and now there is a second tag for PowerShell called PowerShell ;-)


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    Andreas Baumgarten

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