NET Framework installation not found

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I'm trying to install a joystick emulator for games that only recognize N64 controllers.

The app requires NET 6.0 and or 7.0

I've installed both  but when I run the app it can't find them.

When I look in windows/ and windows/,

I find all the other versions that are installed but not 6.0 or 7.0

It appears that the installers are putting both into my user account folders as that's where I found them.

c/user/stevi/windows/ and framework64

All I can figure is that the app is looking for them in the main folders since they are installed there but when I run the app it tells me they dont exist and need to be downloaded.

Is there a way I can force install them to the main folders? the installers for both dont give an install location option.

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