Label will not expand vertically with multi line text inside a auto row of a grid in net maui

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I am trying to setup a grid with a label, but I cannot find a way to have the label grow horizontally to show all the text if it is multi line. I tried rowdefinition of auto and it just shows one line of text, tried all of the line wrap modes and vertical options.

I did a google search on xamarin forms (and maui) and found several references to this since 2017 and having bug reports on it but it appears it was never fixed?

<Grid RowSpacing="0" ColumnSpacing="0" Padding="0" Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" BackgroundColor="AliceBlue" HorizontalOptions="FillAndExpand">
                    <Grid.ColumnDefinitions>                        <ColumnDefinition Width="auto" />
                        <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />
                    <RowDefinition Height="auto" />
                <Label Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="0" Text="This line  is multi line and should expand this label to show the mutiple lines but is is not working and I can't find an option that will work" Padding="5" VerticalOptions="FillAndExpand" LineBreakMode="CharacterWrap" />         
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  1. Yonglun Liu (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 13,581 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    The reason for this problem is that in a grid layout, the length of the label extends beyond the screen because there is no width limit.

    Therefore, you only need to give the Label a length limit, such as <Label WidthRequest="400" .../>, and you will find that the line break is working.

    Best Regards,

    Alec Liu.

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