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thank you for your time. Be aware:  I'm a MAUI beginner!

The final objektiv: when pressing the 'Button' in the 'MainPage' --> show the objects (images) in the 'AreaPage'.
PS: I made my test-app public: ''

some remarks, now:
- only the Button: VAR-Haute, Command="{Binding VARhCommand}" is (yet) potentially made to navigate to the 'AreaPage'
  using 'await Shell.Current.GoToAsync......'. See also AppShell etc. 
  (the other Buttons still use the MainPage as target)

when navigating to the new page (AreaPage); the page comes up BUT I never see the objects I intend to transfer.

- as said, the 'AreaPage' comes up but does NOT show/keep any content! BUT, when going back, the content shows in the 'MainPage'
- I  guess I screw something with the object / program logic!

thanks for taking the time

any help is appreciated
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  1. Leon Lu (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 42,061 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    when navigating to the new page (AreaPage); the page comes up BUT I never see the objects I intend to transfer.

    Please open your AreaViewModel.cs to achieve IQueryAttributable interface, then you can get data in the ApplyQueryAttributes method by query["Hikes"]. You can refer to following code.

    public partial class AreaViewModel : BaseViewModel, IQueryAttributable
        public ObservableCollection<Hike> Hikes { get; } = new();
        Hike hike;
        bool isRefreshing;
        public void ApplyQueryAttributes(IDictionary<string, object> query)
            ObservableCollection<Hike> rawList = query["Hikes"] as ObservableCollection<Hike>;
            foreach (Hike item in rawList)

    Please remove [QueryProperty(nameof(Hike), "Hike")] as well.

    Best Regards,

    Leon Lu

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