Are desktops linked?

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I use WIN11. I have created 2 desktops. The new desktop #2, since creating it, has the same desktop shortcuts as the original Desktop #1. If I add or delete any desktop items on either desktop that same action takes place on the other desktop. When I saw the same icons on the new desktop #2, I deleted them. When I got back on Desktop #1 those icons were also gone. I can rename the desktop and change the background. But as far as establishing a different collection of desktop items, this can't be done. Essentially other than the desktop name and background these 2 desktops, as far as content goes, are clones. I have read and watched many video's on managing multiple desktop sand they all state or show the ability to create and groom these desktops to operate separately. I hope this outline is fully understandable. I expect the issue of creating/managing Multiple desktops of be simple, and do-able right within Window 11 as all documentation and tutorial video's show.

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  1. Alan Kinane 16,756 Reputation points MVP

    Without more information this is a bit of a guess but most likely I suspect you have configured Onedrive (with the same account) on both desktops and you have linked the Windows known folders to Onedrive. This will sync your desktop items to both desktops. You can read about it here: [

    If it's not this can you please provide more information about your set up. For example, are you using Active Directory in your environment or how are you signing in to both desktops.

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  3. JonasVerberkt-5997 0 Reputation points

    The desktops you are talking about are the desktops within windows i presume?

    You have limited personalisation there, like changing backgrounds.

    Once you open an application in desktop 1 it will not be shown in desktop 2.

    The desktop shortcuts are linked as far i know.