I can`t import data from Streaming dataset by API

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I am working in my Local Dataset and I need to add a new table, but this table is in Streaming Dataset. I am the owner of the Stream Dataset, but when try includ this table, the system show me that exist an error in the connection

Technical Details: RootActivityId: e3baa3cd-330c-428e-9fab-1f6801b1c55f- Fecha (ITC) 1/27/2023 1:09:42 PM"

How can I add this tables (Streaming Dataset) in my Local Dataset, the intesion is create a new report an relate the tables.

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  1. Sedat SALMAN 12,425 Reputation points

    It seems like you are trying to merge or relate data from a streaming dataset with a local dataset in Power BI. Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly relate or merge a streaming dataset with a local dataset in Power BI.

    Streaming datasets in Power BI are designed to show real-time data, and as such, they have certain limitations compared to regular datasets. One of the limitations is that you cannot create relationships between tables within a streaming dataset, nor can you create relationships between a streaming dataset and a local dataset.

    However, there is a workaround that you can try:

    1. Export the data from your streaming dataset to a historical dataset by storing it in a database or other storage solutions, such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Table Storage, or any other compatible data storage.
    2. Connect Power BI to the historical dataset and load the data into your Power BI report.
    3. Now, you can create a relationship between the historical dataset and your local dataset in Power BI.
    4. Use both the historical and local dataset tables in your report to analyze and visualize the data.

    Please note that this workaround will not give you real-time data visualization, as you'll be working with the historical dataset. However, it will allow you to relate and analyze the data from the streaming dataset alongside your local dataset. You can set up data refresh options in Power BI to update the historical dataset periodically, so you have the latest data available for your reports.

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