How to obtain the notifications' deviceToken in MAUI iOS in C#?

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In executing the following, how do I get the deviceToken?

    public override bool FinishedLaunching(UIApplication application, NSDictionary launchOptions)
        NSData deviceToken;

        // Version check
        if (UIDevice.CurrentDevice.CheckSystemVersion(10, 0))
            // Request notification permissions from the user
            // Request authorization and set handler 
            UNAuthorizationOptions options = 0;
            Action<bool, NSError> completionHandler = CompleteAuthorization;

            UNUserNotificationCenter.Current.RequestAuthorization(options, completionHandler);


        // Watch for notifications while the app is active
        UNUserNotificationCenter.Current.Delegate = new UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate();

        return base.FinishedLaunching(application, launchOptions);

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Azure Notification Hubs
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    Insert the following code into your AppDelegate class. The first method will be called if the registration is completed. Make sure all the certificates, provisioning and entitlement files are present. The second method will be called if the registration fails. The error parameter will give you a clue as to what is wrong with the registration.

        public virtual void RegisteredForRemoteNotifications(UIKit.UIApplication application, NSData deviceToken)
        public void FailedToRegisterForRemoteNotifications(UIKit.UIApplication application, NSError error)
            int x = 0;
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