Why are padding and margin not showing in properties tab of VS 2022

Lloyd Sheen 856 Reputation points

In keeping with the poor QA of VS now the properties window when selecting an XAML element no longer shows the padding or magins. If I were to publish the full list of problems I see in VS 2022 I would not get anything done. Check out the image to see what I am talking about. Restarting VS now they show. Perhaps restarting is a good description of what should happen to VS at least to the QA

There were errors when trying to post this so I see that when I can finally post it the image is gone. This site has problems.

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  1. Umang Middha 540 Reputation points

    Hello Lloyd,

    The missing padding and margin properties in the properties tab of Visual Studio 2022 could be due to several reasons:

    1. The control you are trying to access does not support padding or margin properties.
    2. You are not using a framework that supports padding or margin properties.
    3. You have selected a different control type in the design view that doesn't support padding or margin.
    4. There might be a bug or issue with Visual Studio.

    To resolve this issue, you can try the following:

    1. Verify that the control you are using supports padding and margin properties.
    2. Ensure that you are using a framework that supports padding and margin properties.
    3. Check the control type in the design view to make sure it supports padding and margin.
    4. Update Visual Studio to the latest version or reinstall it.
    5. If the issue persists, you can try resetting Visual Studio settings to default or seeking support from the Microsoft Community.


    Umang Middha

  2. Lloyd Sheen 856 Reputation points

    This site is horrible. I have answered someone good enough to answer twice but this site does not show them. Judging by his answers which are essentiallly the same I suppose he is having the same problem. This site SUCKS.

    Hoping that this will be shown (and no guarentee) the controls and everything should show the margin/padding but they do not. People have been somewhat guttless to say that VS has so many problems. I know there would be a valid reason but I have two pages of VS screw-ups that I can publish here. Until people start telling MS that this site and VS at least in Maui development are not up to any standard that I know of.

  3. Lloyd Sheen 856 Reputation points

    To prove that this site has problems, I input one answer (see above as to why) and get two notifications as I got two emails about my ONE THAT's RIGHT ONE post.

  4. Lloyd Sheen 856 Reputation points

    For the scammer guy I got 4 emails. Someone look at this site and fix it or is this the way it supposed to be????