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Hi Experts
i have a AD Security group and mail enabled security group, i want to export their members. when i use the below syntax i am getting output.

Get-ADGroupMember -identity "group@Company portal .com" | select name | Export-csv -path C:\output.csv -NoTypeInformation

When i am trying the below syntax i am not getting output. i want to use this to export AD group members, mail enabled security group members and distribution group members. please correct me with the syntax.

Get-ADGroupMember -identity "group@Company portal .com" -Properties DisplayName,Userprincipalname,title,Office,description,co,personalTitle,DepartmentNumber,employeeNumber | Select DisplayName,Userprincipalname,title,Office,employeeNumber,description,co,personalTitle,@{Name='DepartmentNumber';Expression={[string]::join(";", $($_.DepartmentNumber))}} | Export-csv C:\output.csv -Notypeinformation

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  1. Eric Yin-MSFT 4,456 Reputation points
    1. For command Get-ADGroupMember, identity has to be the highlight values:
      So group@Company portal .com will not work.
    2. As RichMatheisen says, Get-ADGroupMember cannot read those property you want.
    3. For aduser property, there's no "co", I assume you want "company", correct it to any value as you want:

    Please inform me if there's any error:

    (Get-ADGroupMember -identity "sg3-11664937739").name |  
      get-aduser -properties DisplayName,Userprincipalname,title,Office,description,company,personalTitle,DepartmentNumber,employeeNumber|  
      Select DisplayName,Userprincipalname,title,Office,employeeNumber,description,company,personalTitle,@{N='Departmentnumber';E={$_.Departmentnumber[0]}}|  
      Export-csv C:\temp\output.csv -Notypeinformation  

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  1. SChalakov 10,151 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @Glenn Maxwell ,

    can you do a simple test and try without the expression, you have defined:

    Get-ADGroupMember -identity "group@contoso.com" -Properties DisplayName,Userprincipalname,title,Office,description,co,personalTitle,DepartmentNumber,employeeNumber | Select DisplayName,Userprincipalname,title,Office,employeeNumber,description,co,personalTitle | Export-csv C:\output.csv -Notypeinformation  

    Do you get a result? If Yes, then you need to check just the expression:

    @{Name='DepartmentNumber';Expression={[string]::join(";", $($_.DepartmentNumber))}}  


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  2. Rich Matheisen 42,826 Reputation points

    Get-ADGroupMember does not retrieve the user object from the AD. It simply returns the identity of each member. You have to use the member's identity by piping the output of Get-ADGroupMember into Get-ADUser and then pipe the output from that into your Select-Object.

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