Access Denied during Apply Image

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I have done this many times with no issues except this time. Ran command prompt (Run as Administrator) I used DISM Capture Image for one hard drive no problem. Then I used DISM Apply Image using same wim file from DISM Capture Image. It was in process then stopped. Per DISM log, it shows three 'Access is denied'.

WimCreateDirectory (3338)
RestoreDirTree (3606)
WimApplyImageInternal (777)

I noticed that it stopped uncompressing the wim to a specific empty folder. (C:\Program Files\McAfee\DLP HRESULT-0x8007005 CWinManager::WinProviderMsgLogCallBack.


Hello, Tury. I'm Greg, here to help you with this.

I would uninstall McAfee in App Settings, restart PC and then run the removal tool here:

Type Security in Search, open Security app to make sure everything is in green state. I would use built-in Defender which always offers best Windows performance with least issues, and is from Microsoft who knows how to protect their OS best.

Are you creating this image for deployment In an organization. Can you tell me a bit more about it's usage so I can help you better?


Hello Greg,

Thank you for replying.

No, it is not for deployment but it is for an organization but in the air-gapped environment (no internet access). I have done the Apply-Image for other system that already has McAfee included in the wim image before with no issues for different systems.

Is there a way to 'customize' by removing the McAfee within the wim image? I tried to 'mount' the wim image to see if I could remove it but I could not.

Basically, I am a IT Lab Support engineer. I am helping the testing engineering team to build systems. They need another system that is exact like the system they are using continuously. They let me access their system for two hours to capture the image using WinPE and save the wim file on the spare physical hard drive. Then I apply that image from the spare physical hard drive on a new system.


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