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filter data from json

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creating etl by filter rows from cosmos db api

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I am new to azure cloud platform and my task is to create ETL pipeline to populate data from cosmos db into snowflake. I have Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB API connection string and so far I have created a linked service in the ADF. I am not sure on how to do an incremental load. I am only interested in picking up rows that are inserted or changed.

Someone suggested to look at this article but I don't want to write code and would like to work inside Azure Data Factory.

I can output the data in JSON format and I know how to upload into Snowflake from azure blob storage.

I was thinking of only grab records where UpdateDate = getdate() - 1 but not sure if it's possible from the following Sample data:

    "_id": {
      "$binary": "H82Maue1G0y+3hmOnKYNoQ==",
      "$type": "03"
    "Type": 0,
    "NoteId": 1518722702,
    "Number": 9,
    "PinnedInfo": null,
    "CreatedDate": [
    "UpdatedDate": [
    "ScheduledDate": [
    "ModifiedDate": null,
    "FollowUpDate": null,
    "Visibility": 0,
    "MailedTo": null,
    "ReschedReason": null,

What should be my default value so it matches with UpdateDate?

I am stuck at this point due to lack of knowledge and would appreciate the assistance.

Thanks in advance

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