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Every time I try to use VS2022 I end up running back to VS2008. I have installed it on a spare PC and I am finding the following issues:

Links to files

If we take one of my user controls it will have three files:




If I link to JEditPanel.cs from another project VS2022 ONLY picks up that file, in VS2008 linking would pick up all three files. I have asked this before with no answer but when it happened a couple of days ago I didn't notice and when I did VS2022 had added another instance of "components" and added ClassInitialise and Dispose in the JEditPanel.cs file so a real mess. Any suggestions how to avoid this please?

Is there any way the Find/Replace panel can be docked as it was in VS2008? I find it extremely difficult yo use as it is so small and cluttered.

There is a plethora of popups that keep appearing and trying to second guess what I want to do. For instance when going through a file using Find/Replace once I have replace the original word once every time I get to the next occurrence the replacement appears in a light text on top of the old text and I can't tell if I have replaced it or not. Can this be turned off?

Can other popups be turned off? The Options dialog is nearly as big as War and Peace now!

There is a Line/Column marker at the bottom right in VS2008 but not in VS2022, can I turn this on?

When compiling there is an indicator on the status bar at the bottom with an animated icon that seems to indicate it is working, then the text "Ready" then on the right a progress bar that shows progress. They indicate different things and aren't in sync.

Sorry if this seems negative, I really would like to make the move but VS2022 has so many distractions (and it is slower then VS2008) that it is driving me round the bend!

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