Windows temporary file of hybernation.

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Before system put into s4,
windows will flush temporary file to the disk for resume.

There are two questions,

  1. Does flush windows temporary file to disk first,
    or call ACPI _PTS Method first?
  2. Does restore windows temporary file from disk first,
    or call ACPI _WAK Method first?

Thank you very much.

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    Thank you for your question and reaching out. I can understand you are having query\issues related to hibernation.

    When you choose to hibernate, the operating system copies all of the RAM data to a single file on the disc (in Windows, this file is hidden and called hiberfil.sys)*. The standard shutdown process then continues.

    It looks for the aforementioned file when you turn it on again. If the file is there, you have hibernated your computer, in which case the OS copies its contents directly to RAM.

    -> When a hibernate request is made, the following steps occur as the system enters hibernation:

    Apps and services are notified

    Drivers are notified

    User and system state is saved to disk in a compressed format

    Firmware is notified

    -> Resuming from hibernation

    When a system resumes from hibernation.

    When a system is powered on, the following steps occur as the system resumes from hibernation:

    System POST

    System memory is decompressed and restored from the hibernation file

    Device initialization

    Drivers are restored to the state they were in prior to hibernation

    Services are restored to the state they were in prior to hibernation

    System becomes available for login

    Reference :

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  2. Limitless Technology 42,296 Reputation points

    Double post

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  3. xxxljp 96 Reputation points

    Hi, Limitless Technology,

    Thanks for help.

    According to your explanation,
    may I consider the sequence be shown at below?

    hibernate (s4) : ... -> Acpi.sys -> _PTS -> save hiberfil.sys -> BIOS -> S4
    resume from S4: ... -> restore hiberfil.sys -> device initialization -> Acpi.sys -> _WAK -> ....

    Thank you very much.


    _PTS :


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