How do we switch from a Monthly to a Yearly Subscription?

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Hi, we would like to upgrade our subscription from a Monthly to a Yearly plan to take advantage of cost savings as suggested within the portal but there is no where we see options of changing the terms of our subscription from Monthly to Yearly for the specific subscription service. It's almost taunting us. Seriously, this shouldn't be that hard but somehow the Azure portal has managed to make it that way.

Any help would be appreciated. It would be fantastic to be able to actually speak to someone on the phone as the claims of being able to contact support via normal channels (phone or email) for Azure related questions or issues when paying for a Standard Support plan is false. We can't find any path in Azure that leads us to a human being when going through the Azure portal support questionnaire or redirects on the phone or other support channels. Very, very, very frustrating and a giant waste of time (and money). What's the point of paying for support when all you get is a message board and a bunch of options that don't apply to your issue? At least put a "Does not apply to me" option somewhere and give us a chance to contact you!

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