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Updating issues using the API Management services REST Api

I am building a self hosted API management developer portal based on the paperbits framework and I am utilising the REST api for managing the service.

Everything works fine except updating issues.

When I use this link and try out the endpoint in the console it allows me to update issues, ie. state, description etc. But when I implement this into my frontend I get a 403 Forbidden on the patch request.

The only difference I can see when using the console through the docs page and my implementation is that the Authorization header is set to Bearer token in the console and SharedAccess token in my frontend.

Is it possible for users to manage the issue from the frontend or is it only possible for the admins in the azure api management service to change the issues?

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@CraigSmith-4964 API Management issues are still being officially supported on MSDN forums. We'd suggest you post your question there until we complete the migration of all products to Q&A later this year. Thank you for your understanding.

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